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You can be the hero or scapegoat when it comes to picking your league, gymnastics, or dance school photographer. Rely on our reputation. Be a hero.

If you have ever experienced poor service, games / recitals starting late, late deliveries, and complaining parents and coaches, then you'll like working with H&I Photography. Because making league / dance photos run smoothly, providing outstanding customer service, great value packages for your parents and quality photos, is truly what we are all about.

Your reputation is on the line when you choose the league / dance photographer, so working with a studio with over 70 years of combined time in the photography business is a big plus. There is nothing better than relying on our reputation. Anyone can be made a promise; the idea is to deliver the right mix of products and services to your league / dance school at a value that is competitive. H&I Photography does just that for you.

We Help You Stay On Schedule
You know how hard it is to get coaches and teachers to give up time from their practice and warm-up schedules to have photos taken. And parents drive you crazy when it's the end of the season and their pictures still are not in. You won't have those headaches when you work with a photographer that puts a picture schedule together-and sticks to it! And parents will be thanking you for selecting a company that not only provided the best value portraits they have ever received, but also delivered them in 3 weeks.

Multiple Packages For Your Parents
We offer a variety of packages that create value for your parents. We always have options that allow them to personalize their packages to meet their needs.

Innovative Products
Yes, we have 8x10's and 5x7's, but we also have trader cards, magazine covers, mugs, keychains, wall clings, photo purses and more.

Fundraising Dollars
Every league or school is looking for creative ways to raise funds and keep parent registration fees as low as possible. H&I Photography is here to help with fundraising dollars that lead the industry in amounts paid. First, our packages are priced fairly. When the prices are too low, your fundraising efforts suffer because you just don't generate enough commissions. But, you can't have prices too high, or parents won't purchase. Our prices are just right! And we pay commission on the full amount of the sale (less sales tax & returned checks), not on select items. The bottom line is you earn more dollars with H&I.

For Outdoor Events…we've got you covered!
During 2011 we will introduce our "Outdoor Studio" concept. Working under large tents, with professional lighting, we will offer the best of both worlds. Outdoor backgrounds with studio quality lighting, all under large tents. No weather delays here!

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