H & I Studios

Session Styles


Traditional, formal poses you need for your yearbook. These portraits are also great gifts for grandparents and college applications.


Traditional, casual or formal poses in our state-of-the-art camera rooms. Definitely not your parents' senior portraits!

Black Point

Black and White portraits done in today's contemporary style. This is our most popular senior style.


Our on-site, outdoor studios are landscaped for photography. Each location has a variety of outdoor sets, like a beach, Arbor, swing, and even a 1951 Chevy Truck! If you have a specific request, make sure you ask when you make your appointment!


Bring a friend or group of friends, a brother, sister, significant other, your best bud, or even a parent- you'll get a creative set of images that go way beyond the ordinary. Just like all H&I Photography's portraits!

Your Stuff

What's your thing? It could be sports, music, a vehicle, a hobby or any other activity you do. If it's important to you, it should be deserving of a portrait with you!